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Everyone's heard of SMS (Short Message Service) aka text messages.

Well, TextMeFree.co.uk is a small directory of websites that allow you to send sms text messages from your computer to your friend's mobile phone.

Not only that, you can send free text messages free!

Yes, with the sms sites listed here you can now send a text message from almost anywhere in the world to a UK mobile phone; absolutely free, for both sender and receiver.

With TextMeFree.co.uk there's no need to rely on any single free UK sms site.

(Your messages may well contain a small advertisement, and you may well have to register, but this is a small price to pay for such a wonderful and free communications tool.)


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You can contact me via this email address

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Or do you just want to start sending free sms text messages?

I'll leave that tough choice up to you. :-)


Steve M Nash,
Site owner, and developer of TextMeFree.co.uk & TextMeFree.com


  1. TextMeFree.co.uk is the UK sister site of TextMeFree.com: a directory of free sms sites worldwide

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