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CBFSMS.com is one of the oldest free sms sites online.

on Oct 2nd, 2016 ***


This site used to let you send free sms text messages to UK mobile phones with no registration required. Free SMS sent were fast and the site also included an online forum where you could discuss all things sms.

Take note of the terms and conditions on their site: "I agree NOT to use any popup or banner blocking software whilst using the CBFSMS service".

And this is no doubt the reason why CBFSMS NO LONGER SENDS FREE SMS, why it ceased operating in October, 2016 - the low return on advertising.

That and the fact that people continued to abuse the service, continued to send abusive sms text messages, anonymously. Shame...

(Free txt messaging service now discontinued!)

NOTE: Some people complained, however, that this free sms service didn't work, due to browser security issues or internet firewall settings. (It doesn't work now, anyways, so this is a moot point.) But you could always get in touch with support to find out what the issue was, or you could've upgraded your account to VIP status and not have any of those problems. (Note: the VIP service is not free, but VIPSMS does let you send free sms worldwide.)
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Pros: Free SMS site, no registration required, reliable service; delivery confirmed; allows replies

Cons: security settings required to use this sms service may mean that your PC is vulnerable or that the service does not work on your computer. Popup blockers are not allowed.


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