About SMS - a brief guide

What are text messages?
Text messages are sent by SMS or Short Message Services. SMS is a general name for the technology which enables users to send and receive text messages via mobile phones.


Why send text messages?
With SMS you can send and receive short, concise and to the point messages. Using this technology will save you time and money; and it's fun!

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SMS, as defined within the GSM digital mobile phone standard popular in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and some parts of North America, has several unique features:

  • Messages can be up to 160 characters of text in length. (Larger messages can be sent, but only as a combination of a number of small 160-character messages.)

  • Messages can comprise of words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination (binary format is even supported).

  • SMS is a store and forward service. In other words, messages are not sent directly from sender to recipient, but always via an SMS Center instead.

  • Message delivery (or failure) can be confirmed

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Can send text messages for free?
Yes! Use the free sms sites at TextMeFree.co.uk or at TextMeFree.com


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